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About Education 2.0 

ED2.0 is an independent charity founded in 2018 by a group of educators with

the long-term goals of reducing suffering, relieving poverty and improving social mobility through enlivening education, and making it more relevant and accessible.


The world is changing quickly. Innovative technology is creating entire industries and changing existing ones. New jobs, careers, products, services and business models are emerging as fast as others disappear.

In order to solve the problems of today and tomorrow we must prepare children to meet the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.

We build innovative schools, designed to meet the specific outcomes children require to succeed in a future more different than similar to the one traditional schooling was designed and built for 150 years ago.


ED2.0 provides a completely updated PACE to educate for the technological, political and social changes of the 21st century.

Key Features 

Education Redesigned

A whole-school framework delivering a new approach to pedagogy, curriculum and assessment, integrating the best of traditional and contemporary approaches to education

Community Facing

Created specifically to meet the changing array of needs of local communities, with childcare provision available before and after school, in addition to all weekends and school holidays


Students practice free speech, free association, and have the freedom to choose their own activities; they also vote on the rules that affect them, and serve on juries and school councils

Non Selective

Coeducational, mixed ability schools open to all; located in areas with historic social problems and child poverty, low educational attainment, and an urgent need for school places

Student Centred

Students explore and nurture their own skills in a playground environment, a testing ground for adult life where mistakes are encouraged as part to develop a positive attitude to learning


Develops the whole child with equal emphasis on academic, social, moral, spiritual and cultural education. Focuses on developing young adults who are fully prepared to succeed

Stakeholder Led

Designed and delivered by leading experts and local stakeholders to deliver the best possible education, in which children are fully involved in and committed to their own learning

State of the Art

 State funding supplemented by private finance provides the time and outstanding facilities to explore every whim, with the latest technological advances in learning and development


Modern, low-demand buildings and facilities designed to provide energy from natural and renewable sources such as solar panels, biomass boilers and energy gardens. 


Build schools that transform educational and socio-economic

outcomes in the most deprived areas of the UK 


All children leave school with the ability, confidence, self-awareness and discipline to fulfil their potential and make meaningful contributions



...a school with no detention.


No homework.


Where teachers never shout.


Imagine… a place planned, designed and built specifically to meet the needs of every child and the local community. Where the very purpose is to meet the complete developmental needs of every single child.


A place where children want to spend as much time as they can. Somewhere they are interested, fully engaged and enjoying what they are learning because they can see the relevance and importance of it.


A school that is always open and provides children with a place to go, things to do and people to talk to.


A community of people working together to fully prepare children for all aspects of modern adult life and to help them develop the skills and abilities required to fulfil their potential. Somewhere that rewards and encourages success and learning through exploration and a willingness to make mistakes.


A place where everybody strives to achieve common goals and where problems are shared and solved together, with students helping each other to succeed.


A playground for adult life, a 'mini society' that replicates the adult world as closely as possible; a place where children are encouraged to mistakes and learn from them.


Somewhere all children can develop their own unique personalities, skills, abilities and passions and learn how to be useful, productive and fulfilled members of society.


Imagine a school of unlimited possibilities and creativity.

Imagine ED2.0


A new approach to education designed by stakeholders,  integrating best practice in pedagogy, curriculum and assessment and focusing on academic and personal development.

Social Impact

Located in areas of entrenched low attainment and greatest need according to a multi-varied analysis, which includes key data such as the Social Mobility Index and Child Poverty Map.


A place where children want to spend time developing their interests. Provides somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to before and after school, at weekends and during holidays.


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Peter Tait


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A New Way Forward 

The purpose of school is to serve the bespoke needs of each child and prepare them to lead a useful and meaningful life based on the expression of their unique skills and abilities.


Our pedagogy moves from adversarial ('do as I say, learn this and regurgitate'), to benevolent ('what do you need and how can I help?'). The default answer is 'yes'. Children  take increasing responsibility for their own growth and development as they move through the school. Clear, firm and fair systems and codes of discipline, behaviour and accountability allow children to push the boundaries of their comfort zones in a supportive and nurturing environment while understanding and inculcating the systems of the adult world.

All schools are non-selective and non-fee-paying, developed and delivered through a combination of public and private funding. Supplemented by strategic partnerships with the local community, local authority, and local business, ED2.0 delivers a modern and complete education that benefits the whole of society.

Our aim is to deliver a modern education that meets the complete developmental needs  of every child and prepares them for a successful journey through life. If you would like to help make the above vision a reality, click the button below!

"The principal goal of education is to create individuals who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done; people who are creative, inventive, and discoverers. The second goal of education is to form minds which can be critical, can verify, and not accept everything they are offered."


- Piaget

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